Developments in Forest Genomics in Britain


Professor John MacKay published an article in the Autumn 2017 issue of Chartered Forester

The word ‘genomics’ has become part of our daily news, most often relating to human health, but scientific developments and novel technologies in genomics are also poised to bring positive benefits to forestry. The potential for application is diverse and significant progress has already been made. New research is now starting in Britain, which aims to accelerate selective breeding in Sitka spruce by applying a method developed in humans and domestic animals called ‘Genomic Selection’ to forest trees. Here, we take a brief look at the progress and practical applications in this rapidly evolving area of forest science. - Professor John MacKay

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(Brecon Beacons.) Professor John MacKay

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Please note: This article first appeared in the autumn 2017 issue of Chartered Forester, the magazine for members of the Institute of Chartered Foresters. It is reproduced by kind permission of the Institute.