Sitka spruced: Research update

A significant milestone has been reached in the ‘Sitka spruced’ project as the sample trees have been felled. Forest Research were busy throughout the summer and autumn at the Brecon and West Argyll trial sites.

It wasn’t without a few hic-cups but all sample material have now been transported to Northern Research Station and are awaiting detailed analysis.

Forest Research staff has been busy in the laboratory too: samples collected from every tree have been recorded and archived in preparation for DNA extraction.

These first two jobs are critical to the success of the project which is about aligning certain characteristics of DNA with certain performance metrics.

With the first stages of the project completed on schedule it is now time for the next stages to be performed by Oxford University and Roslin Institute, where we will analyse and compare the genetic makeup of individual tree aiming to inform selection for breeding. 


Logs at the Northern Research Station. Image courtesy of Forestry Commission.


Felled trees being measured. Image courtesy of Forestry Commission.